GHE Mineral Magic natural organic additive

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The mineral magic of General Hydroponics has been suspended for a while, but now it has returned with a more concentrated formulation and with better results than its previous version.

It has many beneficial effects: it contains ancient deposits on the seabed of biologically transformed organic matter, as well as naturally formed silicic acid clay.

The wide range of elements that it contains stimulates the growth of microorganisms that are beneficial for the growth of the roots and contributes to a healthy natural environment for the growth of the plant. It provides silicate in the form of silicic acid that enters directly into the cells of the plant and provides a reinforced shield against the attack of insects, root rot and pathogenic mold.

Mineral Magic's natural colloids increase the ion exchange capacity in the nutrient solution. This increases the availability of mineral salts. Stabilizes the pH level of the solution and reduces stress in fast growing plants.

Mineral Magic is not a fertilizer: it is an organic additive for nutrients that provides plants with additional elements for optimal growing conditions.

Mineral Magic is a natural organic additive for nutritive solutions. Contains silicate, an essential trace element with beneficial effects for numerous plants, especially for hydroponic crops.

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