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Try Pack Indoor Pack BioBizz is a box with everything you need to carry out a crop and obtain a considerable harvest in a square meter indoors. Includes three 250ml containers with a basic fertilizer for growth, another for flowering and a stimulator of flowering so that your plants do not miss anything. Everything you need to have a vigorous growth and an explosion of flowers from the second stage of your cultivation in a single box.

You can also combine them with Root-Juice and Alg-A-Mic (not included) from BioBizz to get spectacular results under your lamps. Although only with what the Bio Bizz Indoor Pack Try Pack includes, you will get an exuberant harvest of top quality buds. Let's know a little better each of the fertilizers that this practical Pack provides us:

  • Bio-Grow Bio Bizz is a base fertilizer for growth that provides the necessary nutrients for a correct development of the vegetative phase. Responsible for consolidating the structure that will allow the formation of flowers in later stages.
  • Bio Bizz Bio-Bloom is a base fertilizer for flowering that provides your plants with everything necessary for a proper formation of flowers and a continuous growth of the buds during the entire flowering phase. You will obtain crops with excellent flavor thanks to its 100% organic components.
  • Top-Max Bio Bizz is a stimulator of flowering that accelerates the final phase inducing an early appearance of chalices and their rapid formation and subsequent fattening. Stimulates the circulatory system of plants and allows a rapid and effective assimilation of nutrients leading to an explosion of flowers.

This complete pack provides you with the necessary fertilizers to carry out an indoor test. It will give you very good results in organic substrates such as earth and coconut. With 100% organic ingredients that give you the guarantee of producing high value organic flowers in the market. Consult the complete BioBizz cultivation table to give your plants professional care.

Trypack Indoor Pack of Biobizz is a basic method for growing crops with a high production potential.

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