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Closet Cultibox SG-Combi

Reference: MGG-AC-CSC

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Cultibox SG-Combi is a very good quality cabinet that has a characteristic that makes it truly special, it joins other Cultibox SG-Combi cabinets of the same size to increase your cultivation area in a simple way.

In addition SG-Combi of Cultibox is very easy to assemble and has been manufactured with the best materials, so you can install your lighting kit, the extractor and the odor filter, without problem in its bars, it perfectly supports the weight with its lightweight aluminum structure.

Reinforced with a very good quality canvas, which will not let the light penetrate, either in or out. Reflective interior, so you will not have to add anything else so that 95% of the light is distributed throughout the interior of your crop.

Cultibox carefully to the last detail designing this closet, adjustable mouths for extraction and intraction, reflective floor, and many entrances for your automatic irrigation and accessories. Available in several sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cultibox SG-Combi Features:

  • With the exception of the door, its walls can be removed to join another closet of the same size.
  • Diamond reflective interior.
  • Adjustable mouths for ventilation.
  • Passive vents.
  • Openings for the installation of irrigation systems.
  • Side and back with zippers.

Cultibox SG-Combi is a modular culture cabinet that allows us to join as many SG-Combi cabinets as we want to do it tailored to our needs.

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