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Closet Cultibox Light (Silver)

Reference: MGG-AC-CLS

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Cultibox Light Silver are very economical cultivation cabinets ideal to start in indoor cultivation when we do not have a room for it or we have difficulties to isolate it from light.

Cultibox Light Silver culture cabinets are the cheapest on the market, which is evident in the finish and quality of the reflective material, which is not the best, but because of its value for money is very interesting.

So it could be said that this cultivation closet is more suitable and is ideal for mother plants, for drying marijuana or for any grower looking for an economical closet to start their indoor cannabis cultivation without making a large investment.

Light Silver by Cultibox is a range with a very simple assembly, with a lightweight structure that supports reflectors such as the Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer. To complete your cultivation set you will also need a pair of timers and an extractor that allows a constant flow of fresh air for your plants.

Features of Cultibox Light Silver:

  • Matte silver reflective interior.
  • Adjustable mouths up to 200 mm.
  • Passive vents.

Light Silver by Cultibox is the most economical range of cultivation cabinets that exists in the market, ideal to start in indoor cultivation

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