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Spider Plant AgroBacterias

Price €6.49

Spiderplant is an Agrobacterial acaricide useful against the spider mite infestation. Product suitable for organic crops based on amino acids.

Amanitha Agrobacterias

Price €7.49

Amino acid concentrate from enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins. Its successful combination gives the plant a powerful recovery effect from stress and the physiopathies produced by fungal diseases in the leaves of the plants.

Snake Poison Agrobacterias

Price €3.99

Aqueous concentrate of organic acids and amino acids; effective against worms and larvae, ecological product obtained after fermentation of wild plant materials rich in silicon.

Anticochinilla Sipcam

Price €6.49

Derived from pyridine with insecticidal activity by contact and ingestion, which behaves like a juvenile hormone acting on the growth of insects. It affects the physiology of morphogenesis, reproduction and embryogenesis of insects.

KO Mealybugs Compo

Price €7.49

Insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion

It exercises control over the mealybug and the whitefly, in ornamental, herbaceous and woody plants.

It has high persistence on the plant, which increases the chances of the insect coming into contact with the product or ingesting it.

It is used in: tomato, pepper, aubergine and corcubitáceas with edible skin, with a safety period of only 3 days.

Yellow Bug Trap Horiver

Price €6.49

The Koppert Horiver Yellow Bug Trap is an adhesive foil for trapping bugs and / or tracking pests in a totally natural way. The sheet is provided with a grid that facilitates the count in cases of pest monitoring. It is a very good option for organic crops.

Fosdan 50 PM Sipcam

Price €3.99

Organophosphate insecticide that acts by contact, ingestion and inhalation, with rapid effect, good persistence and in-depth action on numerous pests.

Polyvalent Insecticide Compo

Price €14.99

Compo's polyvalent insecticide is a product designed to eliminate the most common pests of aphids, mealybugs, caterpillars, worms or beetles, which affect ornamental plants, fruit trees and orchards. It acts by ingestion, contact and inhalation and guarantees a great shock and persistence effect.

BLOOM Pro Nature

Price €5.49

It works thanks to five natural essential oils: Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon and Rosemary with a pleasant aroma of citronella. Up to 90 days of use (45 per refill) Packaging made of 100% recyclable plastic and 90% recycled cardboard