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Gorila Cookies

Price €29.99

Gorilla Cookies hybrid by Gorila Blue, preserving all the aroma and flavor of a Cookies but with the productivity of a Gorilla Blue. High performance with a productivity of more than 700 grams per square meter. A very characteristic flavor with a relaxing and long-lasting narcotic effect. Its flowering time is 8 weeks.

OG Kush Alburquerque

Price €29.99

Spectacular West Coast genetics offered by this Kush genotype. OG Kush Albuquerque is a sativa plant with the speed of an indica. Its effect is one of happiness, euphoria, relaxation and elevation. It is medicinally useful in migraines, hyperactive attention disorders and bipolar disorders. Exquisite pine scent.

Haze Fast Version

Price €29.99

Hybrid of an old haze crossed by a California fast variety. As a result we have a very fast haze of just 8 weeks of flowering, intense and sweet flavor with a touch of wood and great production of more than 500 grams per square meter.


Price €25.00

Developed by the new American cultivation school, whose efforts have focused on creating a perfect Indica strain, very fast and that simply combines sativa flavors and terpenes, but with a strong Indica imprint.

Gelato Punk

Price €24.99

The result of years of botanical evolution, the new Californian school brings to the table a variety of an exceptional genetic lineage, which is manifested in its dense fruits, bathed in a platinum, narcotic and psychoactive resin, capable of seducing even the most demanding of the palates.