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Oven Paper RAW

Price €14.99

An innovation in Raw papers, specially for handling waxes and large-size BHO extracts. Because it is non-stick, it can be used to wrap waxes and BHO extracts without damaging the contents.

Raw Parchment Paper can be scraped with hard objects to remove anything that has been in contact with it. The unrefined nature of Raw paper means that there is no danger of product contamination by chemicals or toxins when they come into contact with this paper.

Secret Smoke Nylon Rosin 37 micr.

Price €14.99

Rosin bags from Secret Smoker, with these bags for Rosin presses you can press your buds, flowers and extractions through the mesh and enjoy the purest oils, without solvents or any other chemical element.

Dexso D.M.E Dimethyl Ether

Price €9.49

Dexso Ether Dimethyl is an organic compound that is revolutionizing the way we extract oils and resin from plants. To date, butane gas was used without impurities to make a marijuana extraction, but even so, toxic traces remain that require a purging job that never leaves it 100% free. Now we can make purer BHO extractions with more flavor and less toxic.

Atomic D.M.E. Dimethyl Ether

Price €8.99

It is a compound gas based on 99.995% Dimethyl Ether, non-toxic for people, with ideal characteristics to make the most of essential oils and Cannabinoids from the plants used, it gives us a greater margin of safety and also Being a gas with a lower evaporation point than butane, it allows us to have clean extractions in much less time.

Borosilicate Nail for BHO

Price €2.50

Borosilicate nail for your BHO pipe or bong and be able to taste your oil extractions by vaporizing them, without the danger of combustion smoke