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Scale Myco MM-100 (0.01 x 100gr)

Price €17.99

Myco scale MM-100, a cheap scale and maximum precision. Small in size, but you can weigh from 0.01g to 100g with exceptional precision, its lid can be used as a tray.

It works with AAA batteries and has very small dimensions 85mm x 57mm x 18mm.

Very discreet design, with illuminated screen for you to see in places not very bright and with the lid that can make support for substances to be weighed.

Scale Kenex Viper (0.01 x 300gr)

Price €18.99

Kenex Viper is a digital scale of medium size, perfect for weighing all kinds of objects with high accuracy of up to 300gr. It has built-in light in the display and calibration function.