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Pipes, Bongs and Hookahs

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Pipe Screens

Price €0.99

These silver pipe screens are made of a stainless steel mesh that is perfect for any smoking pipe. This flexible mesh can be shaped easily into any bowl.

Kañamero Bracelet Pipe

Price €6.49

Metal pipe in the shape of a bracelet, with details in the shape of a wooden sphere. Very original and practical design, you can always carry it very discreetly.

Borosilicate Nail for BHO

Price €2.50

Borosilicate nail for your BHO pipe or bong and be able to taste your oil extractions by vaporizing them, without the danger of combustion smoke

Portable Silicone Bong

Price €14.99

Secret Smoke portable silicone bong, which you can take everywhere without fear of breaking. Chromed aluminum bowl with spring to easily empty the ash.