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Peeled seeds of Hemp Bio 250 gr

Price €10.00

From Italy we get these Hemp Seeds of organic farming. A complete source of high quality proteins with essential amino acids and Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids. An exceptional food with unique nutritional properties.

Available in a bag of 250 grams of whole or peeled seeds.

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Organic brown flax seeds

Price €1.99

Flax seeds from organic farming, which contain a lot of fiber and are a source of protein.Flax seeds from organic farming, which contain a lot of fiber and are a source of protein.

Arthrocann Gel

Price €14.99

Hemp and colloidal silver-based massage gel provides a calming, relaxing and invigorating sensation by massaging the desired area.

Varicann Q10 Gel

Price €14.99

VARICANN Q10 is a vegan gel based on Hemp, with Coenzyme Q10 and colloidal silver that helps relieve the symptoms of tired legs, providing a feeling of freshness and immediate relief.

Atopicann Cream

Price €14.99

ATOPICANN is a natural hemp cream with peat extract for the daily care of dry and delicate skin, such as atopic skin.

Dolorcann Bio

Price €8.99

Organic hemp ointment indicated for application by massaging the skin of muscles and joints, providing a pleasant soothing and relaxing sensation.

Plameca Protectium Defens

Price €12.49

Protectium Defens is the most innovative formula to help the proper functioning of the immune system, based on Lactoferrin, Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms, Echinacea, β-1,3 / 1,6-glucans, Vitamin D3 and Zinc.

Plameca Calmacarum Forte

Price €15.99

Calmacarum Forte by Plameca is a food supplement used to reduce anxiety and stress and improve night's rest.

Stress is the body's reaction to a challenge or situation that leads to a feeling of physical or emotional tension that is usually temporary. When stress that lasts longer than normal in time or appears for no reason is called anxiety. Due to our fast-paced lifestyles, many people suffer from continuous states of anxiety and stress that result in irritability, trouble falling asleep, tiredness, poor concentration, rapid heartbeat, headaches, depression, etc.

Plameca Kitansia

Price €15.99

Kitansia is a patented Casozepine titrated milk protein hydrolyzate. In addition, it is reinforced with Riboflavin, Thiamine and Vitamin B6, to enhance its effect.

Plameca Plan Choque Dúo

Price €23.99

Plameca Duo Shock Plan is a treatment based on food supplements that help reduce weight at the beginning of weight control treatments.

Plameca Curarti Attack

Price €10.99

Curarti Attack is used in an initial or attack phase, Curarti Attack is the one in bioavailability and concentration of turmeric per tablet.