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Care and hygiene

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Cannabis balm for hair

Price €7.50

Get smooth, strong and shiny hair with the Hair Balsam balm from Herbal Therapy Palace. You will not have dandruff again, nor those annoying itching that appear on your head when you use certain aggressive shampoos.

Shampoo for cannabis hair

Price €6.50

Shampoo of natural ingredients for the care of the hair made with extract of oil of cannabis seeds, for a strong, hydrated and healthy hair.

Cannabis bath foam

Price €9.00

Creamy bath foam, very aromatic, light green color, which will make our hot baths a delicious and very relaxing experience.

Babaria Total Repair Pack

Price €7.99

Dry, damaged or damaged hair this shampoo with a combination of natural origin without salt or sulfates that hydrates, adds shine, repairs and reduces frizz.

Babaria Pack Strength and vigor

Price €7.99

Strength and vigor of Babaria gives your hair shine and natural strength thanks to a formula enriched with highly hydrating natural agents and without salt or sulfates.

Calendula body oil

Price €16.49

Take care of the most sensitive and irritated skin with this Calendula Body Oil. A hydrating and softening formula for the whole family.

Garnier Bio Lemongrass

Price €10.49

Moisturizing cream with Organic Aloe Vera and Citronella Essential Oil provides a sensation of daily hydration, freshness and balance in the oiliest areas

Babaria Mascarilla Verde

Price €9.99

Specially designed to remove impurities and absorb oil from combination or oily skin, as it contains a special corn starch. It also contains Cannabis Seed Oil that has benefits on acne and redness of this type of skin.