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XL Kush Auto

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Price €4.00

Monster third generation specimen that manages to reach a large size with thick buds, is ideal for fast self-cultivation.

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Auto Mandarina

Price €17.99

Auto Mandarina by Exclusive Seeds Bank are autoflowering seeds with a sativa dominance. This is the auto version of the Super Mandarina which, through a breeding program, has managed to reinforce its flavor to increase yields. It is also a variety that produces completely white and sticky buds, a goldmine for lovers of extractions. Easy to grow, resistant, discreet ... without a doubt this is an autoflowering of 10.

Auto M8

Price €30.00

GEA Auto M8 Seeds, a powerful and long-lasting, psychoactive and cerebral effect, has a lively, energetic and euphoric effect

AK Automatic

Price €5.00

Hybrid. AK x Dutch Blue Automatic. Our fastest finisher with a short, bushy structure and one dense cola. Slightly fermented taste with hints of sweet fruit

Auto Kritical Red

Price €17.99

Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide, is an autoflowering strain with a higher indica percentage. It has a fir structure, with a short internodal distance and a low bearing. It produces large buds, with a reddish hue and great compaction. It produces a large central truncheon, but even so the production of the secondary branches will not be low. Its flowering is short, so it will be a good option for any modality. Winner of several awards, such as 1st place in the Highlife Cup Amsterdam, in the Best Autoflowering category in Europe.

Auto Citrus Haze

Price €24.99

Citrus Haze Auto by Progen is a highly valued strain among experts who appreciate a vigorous specimen with large side branches that produce long, tight, resin-filled buds with citrus aromas.

Fast American Autoflowering

Price €25.00

Auto flowering variety from the crossing of a Big Bud and an OG Auto with an intense flavor and smell and a very high production for an auto variety, more than 120 grams per plant in just about 70 days.

AK Auto

Price €4.00

AK Auto is an autoflowering variety of Low Cost Seeds easy to grow. One of its greatest virtues is its strong and cerebral effect, without underestimating its earthy and acid taste at the same time.

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Auto Oxus

Price €20.99

Champion hybrid, one of the most refined indica genetics, with a great aroma of berries. Its robust buds and its high production generally outdoors

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White Widow Automatic

Price €5.00

Hybrid. (Brazilian Sativa x South Indian) x NL Special x Afghan Lowryder. Fast, robust and very frosty. Earthy, hash-like aroma and taste

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Auto Northern Cream

Price €14.99

Auto Northern Cream are autoflowering marijuana seeds from the Mr. Hide Seeds seed bank. This indica-dominant strain is highly resistant to pests and fungi. It will be ready in just 65 days of cultivation. It has a deep aroma and sweet taste. Its effect is medicinal and very relaxing.

Auto Vip CBD

Price €7.30

The first automatic CBD of VIP Seeds, ideal for sites with low light and space, fast harvest and with very interesting levels of CBD and THC. Recommended for depression, insomnia, pains. anxiety, epilepsy or stress.

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