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Catalize Skunk

Price €4.00

Powerful specimen composed of long branches of medium internudal distance.

This magnificent hybrid goes unnoticed in its first life cycle. When the flowering arrives, one begins to perceive the great hallucinogenic and psychoactive power that is slowly cooking in its entrails.

Its tolerance to both fungi and changes in temperature make it the favorite of any grower, whether indoor or outdoor.

No doubt this copy has captivated everyone who has decided to cultivate it.

City Kush

Price €26.99

A plant with a homogeneous and vigorous growth, hybrid between our CBD-rich variety, we have achieved a great plant cross for therapies, due to its high CBD content. Working with a low EC you will achieve spectacular results that you will see yourself throughout flowering. With strong resistance to pests and mold, it has a characteristic citrus flavor.

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Mr. Amnesia Mass

Price €16.99

Mr. Amnesia by Mr Hide, a feminized variety with surprising potential. This variety is the fruit of two well-known strains: Amnesia Haze and Critical Mass. Medium-tall plant with an intermediate distance between nodes and with a production of branches everywhere. We can cultivate it in any modality, since it is a strain that is easy to grow and very adaptable. It has been the winner of many awards, such as 1st place in the most productive variety category in the Master Seeds Cup.

Gorila Cookies

Price €29.99

Gorilla Cookies hybrid by Gorila Blue, preserving all the aroma and flavor of a Cookies but with the productivity of a Gorilla Blue. High performance with a productivity of more than 700 grams per square meter. A very characteristic flavor with a relaxing and long-lasting narcotic effect. Its flowering time is 8 weeks.

Blue Berry

Price €5.00

Indica dominant. (Chocolate Thai x Afghani #1 x Highland Oaxaca) x NL Special. Winner Tenerife Cup 2013. Can develop a blue color. Fruity, earthy aroma and a sweet blueberry flavor. Big yielder.

Bud Factory

Price €24.99

Bud Factory by Progen is an extraordinary specimen with which you will obtain the best characteristics of an indica and a sativa variety in the same plant. After several exhaustive tests, Progen has managed to cross and stabilize the mythical Jack Herer from Sensi seeds with White Widow x a Secret Hybrid that gives this feminized cannabis strain an indica growth. Jack herer adds the powerful, very cerebral high at first with a final psychoactive high typical of sativas. White widow gives it the vigor and resistance to pests so typical of this variety while facilitating its cultivation.


Price €7.30

Variety CBD star with a high content in CBD that approaches 15% and a minimum level of THC that does not exceed 1%, makes it one of the varieties chosen for therapeutic and medicinal use.

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Price €8.99

Vigorous, robust, easy-to-grow Sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain with short flowering, powerful and productive

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Super Jack

Price €4.00

This specimen, with thick branches, broad leaves and lush growth, makes us think that we are facing a large indica, but when the flowering arrives we realize that it is a beautiful sativa of large compact buds with a strong woody smell.

Its effect is euphoric psychoactive, will make you doubt reality.

Mr. Jack Mass

Price €16.99

Mr. Jack Mass is a sativa dominant plant and very easy to grow. It adapts perfectly to all kinds of modalities and offers an awake and happy effect.