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BioBizz Light Mix

Price €6.49

Light • Mix® is the ideal substrate for ecologically conscious growers who want to boost the growth of their plants from the beginning through the application of liquid fertilizers.

Cocoplus Coconut Fiber

Price €2.49

Coconut fiber is a substrate with many qualities appreciated for the cultivation of many plant species. Due to its physical structure, it offers a very good water retention and absorption capacity. At the same time, it also largely retains the nutrients that we provide it, favoring the exchange of cations. 9 liters of coconut and one of water will be the final result of our substrate.

Atami Janeco Light Mix

Price €6.49

Janeco Light Mix is ​​an Atami substrate that will provide us with an ideal medium for the roots to aerate much more and grow, feeding well throughout the crop.

Eazy Plug 150

Price €13.99

Eazy Plugs are stabilized pre-formed organic blocks composed of peat and a natural binder compound that maintain the structure throughout the germination or rooting process of cuttings, finally degrading once transplanted to another container.

Jiffy 24mm

Price €0.10

Peat Jiffy 24mm perfect for the first stages of rooting seeds and cuttings. Simply put it in water and let it grow, then drain.

Substrate BioBizz All Mix

Price €8.49

All Mix by BioBizz is a mixture of the best peat, pre-fertilized so that you do not have to add any more fertilizer, during the first month of the plant's life when growing.

CANNA Terra Professional

Price €8.49

CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich substrate for growing plants. Your plants grow best in a nitrogen-rich substrate, and CANNA Terra Professional substrate is unlike anything you'll find in a nursery, as it contains a mixture of enhanced black peat, granulated peat moss, and perlite. If you are going to grow in soil, either indoors or outdoors, this is the substrate you need.